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 Here is a little video production we did on a client's large sailing vessel. This was my first visit to the boat, finding her in need of major structural repairs. The client was a professional videographer and had originally planned to produce a cable TV series, documenting the task of returning the vessel to an insurable and seaworthy state.
 The cable TV show did not come together however work was eventually completed, the boat returned to happy sailing and we got a good video out of it, judging by the kind comments received from viewers:

Jonas Vikström2

A very educational video, I learned a lot. Thank you for sharing!



This would have been an awesome TV show. I was just intending to watch a few moments of this, and ended up watching the whole thing. If this was a series it would have been great anticipation finally seeing the boat get to completion and actually see it sail.


Mark Kurtis1

 I'm 55 and have been sailing and around boating as owner, as crew, both racing and cruising / day sailing ...and, I never have done a walk-through with a marine surveyor.  I found this fascinating!  Thank you.  And; I feel Capt. Berta and you could have a career in cable TV.  You as a Steve Thomas to his Norm Abram.  Together, creating a series of such shows on various boats. A niche market but, cable's many channels have many needs and you two have the camera presence to make it work.  I hope you have more video ahead to keep us up on this project.



Nice job guys. Very smart and honest.


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