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29 September 2011

Autumn has come to Ontario and boats are leaving the marina for winter storage.
Here is an aerial video from my Trex-450:



11 September 2011

We must keep in our minds and hearts, that hate is a shameful human trait we need to outgrow.....  




24 August 2011

II was thrilled today to hear from Brandon Cochran of Tulsa Oklahoma.
Brandon was 15 years old in 1992, when in the company of his father and a few other Okies cruising on sailboats, he lived through Hurricane Andrew with us at Chub Cay in the Berry Islands.
These good folks, unbeknownst to yours truly, have been holding commemorative August 23rd "Andrew" parties annually and this year Brandon, who is now 35, decided to Google search "Surviving Hurricane Andrew". Wouldn't you know it, my article printed in Coastal Cruising Magazine, in 1992, popped up and he tracked me down!

I am now in touch with Brandon's father and am hoping to hear from more of the dozen or so soles who shared this extreme experience with us.
Some have since passed away, but here is the image we took of the survivors after the storm, and here is the link to the article that Brandon had found:

That's Brandon in the far right, second row, and here is his first correspondence to me via the contact form on our public webcam page - how wonderful is the Internet!

Name: Brandon Cochran
Where are you from?: Tulsa, Oklahoma
How often do you visit our webcam page?: 1st time
Message: I was wondering if you were on Chub Cay about 19 years ago. If so I was there with my father and four of his friends. I was about 15 at the time. We were the ones that had no idea Andrew was headed right for us. I found your story about surviving Hurricane Andrew just yesterday on Google and read it for the 1st time. I've been telling a similar story my whole life and was blown away by actually getting to read your side of it. Well if I have the right person please let me know. And Happy 19th Andrew Anniversary!!
If I have the wrong person sorry to waste your time.
Have a Great Day!!


2012 will be the 20 year anniversary of this great storm; perhaps us surviving "survivors" can celebrate with the help of the Internet.....  

Capt. Joe



1 August 2011 - Downtown Bobcaygeon

We set in our little canvas chairs downstream of Lock 32 in Bobcaygeon. Pretty much through the whole long weekend.
It was the Midnight Madness weekend.
Even after 01:00 hours in the wee morning, the scene was not unlike on Duvall in Key West, ... and we loved it!

Here is a short aerial video of boats exiting the lock:




11 July 2011

A few images of the Trent Severn Waterway:



8 July 2011

We are in Peterborough and within the next couple of days should make Bobcaygeon.



1 July 2011

Tied up in Port Hope for the long weekend.

On our portside we see a serene strip of land of green grass, trees and the open waters of Lake Ontario.

On our starboard side across the channel lay the old sinister looking buildings of Cameco, the facility from where the ingredients of the bomb used on Hiroshima originated. This uranium conversion plant is one of only four in the western hemisphere and today produces the rods that fuel nuclear power stations. None of the cruising guides mention anything more than "an industrial area" but many of the locals who stop to converse eventually get around to educate us about this darker side of their sleepy little town...

The view from our wheelhouse spans this contrasting statement of our world on Canada Day:




24 May 2011

We had a great time at the cottage this weekend and many thanks to Nicole and everyone at Kawartha Lakes Marina - can't wait to get the boat up there!

I even got the fist chance to fly my little Walkera indoor fixed pitch heli, with Wendy filming and Tiger providing in-flight security.  Click the image to see the video.




11 May 2011

Very nice here in Whitby but that wind just won't quit!

Finally squeezed in a short flight over the docks yesterday - click the thumbnail image to see the black-box flight recorder video:


Capt. Joe



28 April 2011

Storm warning on Lake Ontario today and an exciting, if not tiring day at the dock in Whitby, as a 3 to 4 foot chop builds on top of the large swells coming off the lake. Winds are sustained around 35 to 38 knots and gusting to 55! The boat jerks violently on her mooring lines and we have no choice but to constantly adjust the stretching lines. We already blew out two fenders and broke a dock cleat.....
Watch the video on YouTube

Capt. Joe



24 April 2011

Easter Sunday. Out of Scarborough and all is well.

Capt. Joe



31 March 2011

The season's first flock of cormorants landed this afternoon and they are diving the Bluffers navigation channel - Yeah Mon! Spring must be close by!

Capt. Joe



11 March 2011

"Life's Short, Call Now!"   The title to a Bruce Cockburn song Jimmy Buffett does very well.
I find myself drawing a parallel importance to those lyrics this morning as I watch on my television the tsunami. They say it is headed for Jimmy's surfing museum on the beautiful island of Oahu; a surfers' sun drenched paradise.


Because we pretty much live on the beach, this fall I was asked by a group of university students to issue my own "Scarborough Winter Surf Reports". Surfing in Toronto!
Many wonder what makes these people, waiting for me to Tweet about the cove building under the Bluffs, and then paddle out there in well below freezing temperatures, dodging ice burgs in 1/4" wet suits just to catch a 4 to 6 foot roller.
People say "boy, you really got to love it!"
I guess they do love it a lot. Maybe they heard the song too and they read between the lines: Life's Short, Do It Now!
They are doing it because the chance is there. May not be Waikiki waters and may not be 18' rollers washing ashore but it's better than not riding any surf.
Every time we turn around these days we see destruction and death around us. People say the end of all is cometh, but maybe it's just that we now have the ability to communicate over vast distances and know what is taking place in our world at any moment.
Be it the end coming or not, it reinforces one thing - we need to get on with our dreams because Life's Short!
For boaters and cruisers it means not waiting to amass those large sums or to build that huge boat with all the toys, but to get out there and do it while you're young enough to haul up on a line and while the world allows you to. You know, before you get hit by that proverbial bus!

Capt. Joe



26 February 2011

We have wintered in Toronto, .... again, but we are finally moving on at the end of April.   Where to? Not exactly sure but have had enough of Scarborough, so get ready to see some different pictures and webcam images on this page coming soon! We are counting the days!

The plan is to cruise up the Trent Severn Waterway as we have secured dockage for the summer and where we go from there, we have no plans at this time.

We'll probably stay on the Great Lakes for a little while yet. Looking forward to being out of the city and being in a marina where the atmosphere is more conducive to goin boating. And, I want to build a hovercraft too, and Scarborough was not a place to do it.

We have been looking at some of our old logs from Mexico and the Bahamas. We put some old cruising videos up on our YouTube Channel and even Wendy is getting the cruise bug again. But, that won't be for a couple of years yet. Unless we win that lottery of course     

Capt. Joe



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