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On this page we compile some of our favorite music videos - tunes that we consider good music and especially come close to the heart of those who have been fortunate enough in life to experience cruising, living aboard or just messing about in boats.

There is a form of connection that comes alive in a person's mind, when listening to the kind of lyrics in a song that we share the intimate knowledge of having been there, along with the writer - having a little cool conch salad in the shade in Old Nassau, dropping the hook in that particular harbor on St. Barts...

Jimmy Buffett has sailed to many of our favorite Southern cruising grounds and wrote songs about them. Like, the Florida Keys and the Out-islands of the Bahamas, so we readily identify with his music. Jimmy's songs have been playing aboard our boat since the days when you had to take all your music with you. Long before satellite radio. So, there'll be a lot of Buffett music here on this page, along with others we enjoy, taking advantage of the visual experience provided by the internet, in no particular order except that the Buffett music is shuffled to the top.



Here is a song about traveling. Jimmy takes us from fooling around in a make shift recording studio, to Timbuktu. Literally...


 This performance is in Anguilla - Salty Piece Of Land is one of Jimmy's books, spawn from his song about a cowboy who needs to leave the cold Midwest, go to sea and pursue some tropical adventures.


 If you ever had a favorite bar, that you may have frequented in your misspent youth with some good and real friends, then this Bubba song will hit right home


 Here is a big ol diesel boat chasing marlin with Alan Jackson and Jimmy onboard





 Now, some other-than Buffett music:








 Asa - hugely talented young woman from Nigeria, her first video


 This is Zydeco music - Creole / Cajun / Southern Country, up-tempo Louisiana gumbo.


 The Boat Drunks, kickin back on shore leave




 This song was recorded by Jimmy Buffett in 1993. It is so funny. Performed in this video at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville by its writer- Lucas Gravell


 "Playing For Change" is a movement among musicians to help inspire people from around the world to come together through music. Chanda Mama is a tune from the album Song Around The World, and is a folk tune from Chennai, India. The track started out in New Orleans and added musicians from across the globe.


 Here is Jack Johnson on Letterman in '06.








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